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Here, There, Amazing, 2012


Here, There, Amazing considers our desire to transcend our current physical, mental, emotional or spiritual place. Oftentimes, this place is a constructed dream filled with unattainable, unrealistic and empty goals and thus, the desire is merely a distraction and diffuses our present place. The sound in “Here, There, Amazing” incorporates multiple voices having self-directed conversations reflecting on what he/she wants. Each sound/voice is a separate “conversation” operating independently, but composing a layered cacophony of sounds throughout the space. From a single person point-of-view, one discussion revolves around being HERE, but wanting to go THERE. The voice questions why they are HERE, but desire to be THERE. No details are given as to why the person wants to go THERE verses staying HERE, other than the sense that THERE is a better place to exist then HERE. The narrative weaves in and out of being THERE or HERE, giving loose aspirations and adjectives, but never quite reaching the point of getting THERE from HERE. The other voices discuss similar dilemmas. One voice explains meeting the most INCREDIBLE PERSON they have ever met without providing details as to why the INCREDIBLE PERSON is INCREDIBLE. Another discusses the quandary of having an AMAZING EXPERIENCE, void of details surrounding that EXPERIENCE, but being clear that this has been an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. All three works act as a verbal, revolving, obsessive mantra that aspires for a greater place, person or experience, without actually stating what makes it greater than the current state of being. The empty banter becomes a frozen trap in the mind. The videos that accompany the sounds are 3D animations of various red geometric ripples that undulate from the center outward in repetitive motions representing a fluid visual abstraction of never-ending flows. The animations consist of sequences of various perspectives of the ripple. Time continues without a clear destination as we are trapped in the visual loop with the accompanying, circling voices.


Here, There, Amazing

Here, There, Amazing

3D animation, sound, various installation dimensions, 2012

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